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Brindaban Prints is a rural-based modern hand Dyeing & Printing Unit working regularly with Sasha for over 12 years now. Originally started by a master craftsman, Brindaban Ghosh, a skilled printer himself who also imparted training at the Sreerampore Textile College nearby. His association with Sasha goes back over a decade, when he started working from a small unit at his home producing printed home textiles and accessories for Sasha' s clientele. Initially it was only hand block printing that he himself used to do on two tables with help from a few other artisans.

Then as demand grew, he was joined by a few more artisans and he installed four more tables and a couple of screens for screen printing as well. Due to its proximity to the printing cluster of Sreerampore, artisans were not easy to come, as demand was huge. But a number of artisans joined Brindaban Ghosh to learn from him, because of his good natured way of working.

It was a tragic time for the family and unit of Brindaban Ghosh when he passed away suddenly. His sons Dhritiman and Ritiman Ghosh were too young to run the unit on their own. Young Dhritiman left his school to run the printing unit with the help of his mother to sustain the family. Due to the goodwill generated by his father, most artisans came back to work. Sasha continued to support the small unit through marketing as well as providing moral support to Dhritiman during this period.

Four years back Sasha decided to help him scale up his activities and move towards creating a small but modern dyeing-printing unit. With an intensified marketing drive from Sasha and matching production efforts from Brindaban, the unit's business turnover more than doubled itself in just two years. Both brothers, Dhritiman and Ritiman Ghosh share responsibilities of the unit, while their mother takes care of the domestic side.

Presently the unit engages about ten skilled artisans, sampling staff, colour master and trainees. The unit specialises in hand printing of various fabrics and its core competency lies in dyeing, block & screen print works. The printing is done on cotton, linen, silk and any kind of fabrics and the dyeing process includes acid dyeing, direct dyeing, pigment dyeing etc. Dhritiman, the entrepreneur behind Brindaban Prints, is committed to social and environmental cause. In addition to creating income generation and training opportunity for the local artisans and craftsmen, Brindaban Prints is gearing up for pollution control mechanisms.