Aromatic candles with pure and natural fragrances...


Candle tea clay var with fragrance (Indian basil)
Code - FG\CL\WT\C039\C\S\S\0204
Material - Wax, terracotta pot
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Masala Candle
Code - FG\CL\WG\C001\C\M\S\0169
Material - Wax, glass jar
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Ylang Ylang Candle
Code - FG\CL\WT\C043\C\M\S\0208
Material - Terracotta pot and wax
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Scented Candle - Sleep Well
Code - FG\CL\WP\C003\C\S\S\0210
Material - Porcelain pot, wax
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Fancy Rectangular Candle
Code - FG\CL\WX\C064\C\M\S\0201
Material - Wax without fragrance
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Cut work Candle with peppermint fragrance
Code - FG\CL\WT\C045\C\S\S\0219
Material - Wax, terracotta
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Pillar Candle Large
Code - FG\CL\WX\C056\C\M\S\0189
Material - Bee wax, paraffin with natural essential oil
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