Neem Collection

Textile products steeped in natural dyes and medicines for holistic wellness...


Zen Cushion
Code - FG\CM\AC\ZC02\C\L\S\1591
Material - Ayurvedic cotton cover, inner cushion is unbleached cotton with Kapok filling
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Spice bolster with ayur vedic cover
Code - FG\AH\AS\BC\C\M\S\5259
Material - Ayur vedic fabric 100% cotton & natural spices, Available with warm spices (cinnamon and clove) and Fresh spices (Green cardamom)
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Ayur mattress cushion with kantha & cowri shell
Code - FG\CM\AC\CU01\C\M\S\1592
Material - Ayur vedic cotton cover & Kapok filling, cowry shell
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Yoga mat with ayurvedic fabric
Code - FG\CM\AC\YM02\C\L\S\1593
Material - Ayurvedic cotton fabric
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Toilet bag
Code - FG\CM\AC\TB02\C\M\S\1594
Material - Ayurvedic cotton
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Calibri with ayur fabric
Code - FG\CM\AC\COL1\C\S\S\1596
Material - Ayurvedic cotton
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