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Printed Table Linen

Traditional and contemporary hand block prints on fine cotton make up this range of home linen.


Hand Printing

Block printing is an ancient craft in India, where wooden blocks are carved with intricate patterns and these are dipped in colour and repeatedly pressed on fabric. There are numerous motifs, colours and fabrics, typical to each region in India. In West Bengal this craft has evolved to a high level of refinement and today there is a large variety of motifs and material available. Printers have also started using screen printing, which allows for larger and more complex motifs.

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Round Table cloth – Jajasthali print

Code - FG\CM\MC\T056\C\L\S\3238

Color - blue green tones

Size - 225 cm dia

Materials - 100% mill made cotton

Size - 150 cm dia
Code - FG\CM\MC\T057\C\M\S\3239

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