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Razais or quilts are made all over north India, using fine silk or cotton as covers and filled with cotton wool. Fabrics are block printed or embroidered.

Razai is a quilt used in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North India and Nepal. It is a type of bedding similar to a duvet or comforter. Razais usually have a cotton, silk or velvet cover, which is stuffed with cotton wool. They can provide a great deal of warmth even in the very cold weather that can occur in these regions, primarily due to the insulating effects of the large amount of air trapped in the cotton wool.

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Balaposh – border print

Code - FG\CM\MC\Q022\C\S\S\2755

Color - Turquoise-orange mauve border print and Maroon-white(reverse)

Size - 150 x 220cm

Materials - 100% Mill made cotton

Swatch - Blue- grey-mauve border print
Reverse- blue-white

Khaki-yellow-brown border print
Reverse- khaki-white

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