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Beautiful hand woven and intricately printed cotton dhurries to brighten up a room...



A dhurrie (also durrie or durry) is a thick flat-woven rug or carpet used traditionally in India as floor-coverings. Dhurries may be made of silk, cotton, wool or jute. They are hand woven in vertical or horizontal looms, usually in bright colours. Sometimes they are printed with wooden blocks and vegetable dyes with ‘kalamkari’ motifs.

A fragment of the Indian Dhurries (flat woven) was discovered at Niya (along the Silk Route), today in China (Sir Marc Aural Stein in 1901.

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Kalamkari printed motifs

Code - FG\CM\HL\DR38\C\M\S\3518

Color - Myrabalan and indigo

Size - 90 X 150 cm

Materials - 100% cotton

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