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Kanthas are songs of the East in embroidery and our collection includes both the classic and the contemporary...



Kanthas are quilts made from old saris and in Bengal, from the rich landlord’s wife to the poor tenant farmer, most women make them. These are gifted to the newborn baby, to the newly wed bride, to the beloved grandfather…

Using the simplest running stitch in several variations, the story of a place and a people is told. Kanthas are far more than mere quilts, and in their intricate labyrinths of stitches, flow the thoughts, feelings and hopes of the women who make them.

This collection of kanthas includes both traditional and contemporary motifs in silk and cotton.

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Bed cover - reversible with kantha

Code - FG\CM\HL\B118\C\S\S\2494

Color - Brown/ gold

Size - 150 x 225 cm

Materials - 100% Handloom cotton

Size- 225x270 cm
Code- FG\CM\HL\B119\C\M\S\2495

Cushion Cover – Reversible with kantha
Colour-Brown/ gold
Code- FG\CM\HL\C080\C\M\S\2496,
Size- 40 x 40cm

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