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Carving simple bowls and spoons out of locally available wood is done in all parts of India. In West Bengal, the wood used is mostly Neem, Guava and Palm. The products in this collection are hand made with no staining or artificial colouring. They age beautifully and have classic, elegant and timeless forms.

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Salad Bowls

Code - FG\AH\WD\BW18\N\L\S\7572

Color - Natural

Size - 20 x 10 cm

Materials - Neem Wood

Salad Bowl - Big

Salad Bowl - Medium
Colour - Natural
Code - FG\AH\WD\BW19\N\M\S\7573
Size - 15 x 7 cm

Salad Bowl - small(set of 4)
Colour - Natural
Code - FG\AH\WD\BW20\N\S\S\7574
Size - 12 x 3 cm

Single bowl
Colour - Natural
Code - FG\AH\WD\BW21\N\L\S\7575
Size - 20 x 5 cm

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  • Square Trays
  • Round salt pot
  • Spice pot with lid
  • Measuring spoon - set of 3
  • Cheese tray
  • Salad Fork/Spoon set
  • Palm wood Spoon
  • Bowl with spoon - set
  • Square multi purpose box with lid
  • Casserole
  • Bottle holder
  • Round box with lid
  • Fruit basket - flower design
  • Round multi purpose basket with lid