Woven Stoles

Contemporary hand woven stoles from the famous weaving village of Phulia


Phulia Hand Weaving

Phulia (also spelt Fulia) is a town in Nadia district in West Bengal. After the partition of India in 1947, many skilled weavers of Dhaka came and settledin West Bengal in Nadia and Bardhaman districts, both traditionally renownedcentres for hand-woven fabrics.

These talented weavers soon revived their ancestral occupation and the art ofexquisite weaving once again flourished. Today, finely woven feather-touchtextiles and saris in exotic designs and colours are being produced in the vastweaving belt of Shantipur, Phulia, Samudragarh, Dhatrigram and AmbikaKaln- each centre producing superb fabrics in its own unique weaving style. Phuliaand Samudragarh specialize in a combination of jacquard and jamdani work.

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Woven stole with Sari border & Pompoms

Code - FG\VI\VI\P001\C\M\S\0009

Color - Off white with blue/Red/brown

Size - 50 x 180 cm

Materials - 80% Cotton, 10% Silk, 10%Viscose

Code - FG\VI\VI\P002\C\M\S\0010

Pompom can be done on 2 small ends only

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