Embossed Bags

Hand embossed and painted sheep skin leather accessories – something special for everyday use


Embossed Leather or Shanti Leather

Embossed leather work on goatskin has been a specialty of West Bengal since 1940s. It is said that it was Tagore’s daughter-in-law who brought this legendary art of embossing to Bengal from Java. It was in the 1980’s, Sasha revived this craft unique to Shantiniketan and helped disseminate the skill other parts of Bengal.

Naturally tanned sheep skin is dampened and then embossed with a metal block. This is individually hand coloured by skilled artisans and then made up into different products.

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Ladies Purse - Kalamkari Range

Code - FG\LH\EL\LP72\C\M\S\2395

Color -

Size - 19 x 11 Cm

Materials - Shanti leather

Spectacle Case
Code – FG\LH\EL\SC61\C\M\S\2735
Size – 16 x 8 Cm

Card Holder
Code – FG\LH\EL\CH33\C\S\S\2397
Size – 10 x 10 Cm

I Pad Cover
Code – FG\LH\EL\MH23\C\M\S\2736
Size – 12.5 x 8 Cm

Code - FG\LH\EL\W040\C\M\S\2737
Size – 25.5 x 9.5 Cm

Key Case Bunch
Code – FG\LH\EL\KB33\C\S\S\2738
Size – 11 x 6.5 Cm

Coin Purse
Code – FG\LH\EL\C030\C\S\S\2396
Size – 8 x 11 Cm

Key Ring
Code – FG\LH\EL\K064\C\S\S\2739
Size – 6 Cm Dia

Kalamkari is a type of hand-painted or block printed cotton textile, produced in parts of South India and in Iran. The motif on this bag is typical of this style.

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