Evening Bags

Fine hand embroidered bags for that special evening...


Aari Embroidery

Aari worktraces out its emergence way back in the 12th century, which marked the rule of the Mughal emperors. Floral varieties of motifs, traditional designs and religious imprints fascinated the Mughal royals during that period which popularized and brought this artwork into the limelight.

As artisans migrated to other parts of the country, the craft spread. Aari work is done using an hooked needle called the aari on fabric that is spread on a frame. It is one of the finest embroideries and uses sequins and beads in addition to metallic and cotton threads.

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Evening bag with beads handle

Code - FG\SM\SN\BA03\C\M\S\3038

Color - Black

Size - 14 x 21 x 29 x 38 cm

Materials - 14 x 21 x 29 x 38 cm

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