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Why are aromatherapy-scented candles so popular? Aromatherapy practitioners achieve specific mental and physical benefits as they breathe in essential oil vapour released from the burning candles.

ASHA NIKETAN – The producer Group

Asha Niketan, the Kolkata unit of Le’ Arch was established in 1973 near Sealdah station. Currently, they work out of Tangra. Asha Niketan works with the mentally handicapped by providing them a ‘home away from home’ experience.

It believes that the mentally disabled children are specially gifted. But due to social apathy, they are deprived of the emotional care that each is entitled to. Presently the mentally challenged persons, attend the Day Care Centre. They are provided with food, medicine and other necessities. They are provided with co-curricular activities (like-art, painting, sports etc.).

As they become adults, they are given vocational training. The vocational unit continues to operate in two separate buildings and provides a source of income to the boarders.

The association with Sasha goes back to over 20 years. Sasha helps in terms of skill training, design development and marketing the wonderful artistic handicrafts like candles, batik prints, cards, wall hangings etc., which the boys make. These are promoted by Sasha in international and domestic markets. About 20 such young boys are directly engaged in these productive activities.

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Fancy Rectangular Candle

Code - FG\CL\WX\C064\C\M\S\0201

Color - Natural, red

Size - 7.5 X 5 X 4 cm

Materials - Wax without fragrance

Fancy Square Candle
Code - FG\CL\WX\C065\C\M\S\0202
Size - 5.5 cm

Fancy Cone Candle
Code - FG\CL\WX\C066\C\M\S\0203
Size - 11 h x 6 cm base dia

Burning time - four hours

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