Natural Dyed Stoles

Natural dyed and hand woven silk stoles...


Natural Dyed Stoles

India is the earliest major centre for indigo production and it’s processing. It is an organic compound with a distinctive blue colour. As we all know vegetable and organic dyes are non-pollutant and non allergic.

The technique to extract the blue from its plant, make it into dye and then colour the fabric in it to bring the glow of the textile is complex and lengthy. The entire process has very little tolerance for error. To achieve right colours with the correct depth from natural properties requires experience and skill. As they are natural extracts colour variation is inevitable.

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Checked Stole

Code - FG\SM\FL\A017\C\M\S\2807

Color - Indigo, Catechu, Myrobalam

Size - 70 x 180 cm

Materials - 90% silk and10% lycra

Checked Stole (right)
Code- FG\SM\FL\A017\C\M\S\2807
Colour- Catechu, Indigo

Washing instruction - Hand wash with Luke worm water and mild soap. Preferably with
Soap nuts.

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