Children's Range

Accessory Set

Inspired by the animal world – a charming range of accessories for a child’s room


This range of accessories for children has been made using different skills like appliqué, quilting and embroidery. The inspiration is the animal world.

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Elephant pencil cup

Code - FG\AH\SC\PH07\C\S\S\7452

Color - white stripe & grey

Size - 11 H x 8 cm dia

Materials - Mill made cotton/kapok filling

Elephant pencil bag
Code - FG\AH\SC\PB25\C\M\S\7453
Size - 20 x 8 cm

Elephant hanging with bell
Code - FG\AH\SC\H960\C\S\S\7454
Size - 55 cm

Elephant Rattle
Code - FG\AH\SC\RA19\C\S\S\7455
Size - band (16x3) cm fig- (6x10) cm

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