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Decorative hangings made with families of stuffed toys


Sasha has a very wide range of decorative hangings and what you see here is a very small example of this. These hangings are made by women’s self help groups who originally made stuffed toys. They are come as long hangings, door hangings, single hangings and mobiles. They can be designed and made to any theme. The fine hand detailing is what makes these decorative hangings so special.

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Butterfly Hanging with bag

Code - FG\AH\SC\H685\C\S\S\4788

Color - Pink

Size - 50 cm

Materials - Mill made cotton/kapok filling/ glass beads/brass bell

Bag for Butterfly
Code - FG\CM\MC\BA50\C\S\S\1385
Size – 18 cm L x 19 w

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