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Ayurveda is a traditional and the most influential form of medicine native to India originating from its Vedic traditions. It is popularly practiced in many parts of South Asia. Ayurvastra is a fabric that is dyed as prescribed in the Ayurvedic texts, using various natural herbs like neem, tulsi, sida, turmeric, and sandalwood. These fabrics are permeated with therapeutic herbs, and aromatic oils. They possess medicinal properties, and are good for skin.

Roots, seeds, flowers, leaves and barks of trees of many rare herbs and plants are used to make the dyes. The color of the fabrics is obtained only by the ayurvedic dyeing and no other artificial or chemical colorants are used. This fabric is sourced from Kerala.

Ayurvastra - Medicinal properties of dyes

  • Colour: Red - Pink - Main ingredient is Manjistha-prevents skin infections, skin
    pigmentation and helps to heal damaged tissues as in case of itching.
  • Colour: Yellow-Turmeric- rejuvenates the skin, is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and
  • Colour: Blue-Indigo-Alleviates pain and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Colour: Green, Grey green, Dark grey- usually a mix of several herbs like vertiver,
    myrobalan, neem and tulsi.
  • Vertiver - is anti stress, prevents insomnia.
  • Myrobalan - Rejuvenates the skin.
  • Neem - Anti bacterial, anti fungal, has sedative properties.
  • Tulsi - is an adaptogen and it helps in adapting to stress. Is an insect repellant and
    prevents skin disorders.

Wash separately with mild detergent. For machine wash, use gentle cycle. The cloth can be dry in shade and ironed with a warm iron.

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Sleeping bag with embroidery

Code - ANS/SB7(A)

Color - Grey

Size - 3-6 and 6-9 months

Materials - Ayurvedic Cotton

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