Stuffed Toys

Soft and endearing, stuffed animals made from old saris


Recycling old saris and cloth by quilting them together in layers with simple run stitching to make is called kantha and is traditional in the eastern part of India. These vibrant quilts are uniquely soft. Due to the individual nature of each piece no two are alike, and the same cannot be reproduced, so your piece remains your piece. We have developed personal and home products using fabric made this way.

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Cock cushion with kantha

Code - FG\RJ\CT\D040\C\M\S\1139

Color - Mixed colour

Size - 31 x 39 cm

Materials - Recycled cotton sari & kapok filling

Chick cushion with kantha
Code – FG\RJ\CT\D042\C\M\S\1184
Size - 30 x 35 cm

Duck cushion with kantha
Code – FG\RJ\CT\D041\C\M\S\1140
Size - 28 x 38 cm

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