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Collectibles made by tribal communities with the ancient metal crafts of hand wrought iron and lost-wax brass...


Wrought Iron from Bastar, Chattisgarh

The wrought iron craft of Chhattisgarh is centuries old and was practiced by the Muria tribes. This tribe traditionally used wrought iron to make tools such as ploughs, knives, axes and also candleholders. While their ancestors themselves extracted the iron from the ores, today’s artisans use recycled scrap iron.

Over the years, the craft has beautifully evolved into an artistic form and so has its worldwide demand. The forms of the animals, birds and humans are simplified and yet have a life like animation and grace that belies the difficult material.

Wrought iron work is mainly concentrated in Bastar district of Chattisgarh with Kondagaon, Umargaon and Gunagaon being the main centers. Wrought iron products include Lamps, candle holders, bird and animal figures. Each product is entirely handmade and no machines are used in the process. The fine craftsmanship is evident as each figurine is created from a single sheet and has no joints.

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Curved Tea light holder

Code - FG\AH\WI\LD06\C\M\S\8140

Color - Black

Size - 40 x 32 cm

Materials - Wrought iron

A traditional craft from Bastar

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