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Warm and inviting table and other accessories made with grass and natural fibres and bright cotton yarns...



Making mats with natural locally growing grasses is a traditional craft all over India. These grasses are dried and woven with cotton twine. Often they are used in their natural colour and sometimes, special mats are woven using dyed fibres. For contemporary use, these mats have been made into table mats, desk accessories and mats. The trimmings are varied and artisans have experimented with colour, weaving techniques and dyeing.

From a simple humble mat used in every household, they have evolved into sophisticated products that retain the warmth and elegance of the original mat.

Ikat/Kotki: A technique of tie-dyeing the yarn/fibre so that the pattern is formed after weaving.

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Floor mat with multi-colour square ikat pattern

Code - FG\AH\GC\BM32\C\M\S\7567

Color - natural-yellow

Size - 60 x 180 cm

Materials - Madur kathi/cotton thread

Floor mat – Square
Colour - Natural-yellow
Code- FG\AH\GC\BM33\C\M\S\7568
Size – 60 x 180 cm

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