May 2016

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May 2016

India is used to hot summers. But this year mercury chases to break its own previous records as it creeps to settle way above 40°C. The aftermath of this unbearable weather: reduction in reservoir levels, severe heat, depleting ground water and unavailability of drinking water. And this is time for harvest festival in India. The Solar New Year is celebrated by most of the regions of India as the New Year as the harvest festival.

Earth Day

This month, playing its part of its role as a committed Fair Trade organization to the hilt. Friday 22nd is celebrated as the EARTH DAY. Earth Day Network – that works with over 22000 partners in 192 countries. Each year, Sasha joins hands with the green crusaders and Earth Day network to raise awareness on preserving and protecting the earth and its precious resources. This year Sasha was invited to leading educational institute-ILEAD for a talk on Up cycling and Sasha. While Sujata made a presentation, Saarrah organized a product show-case.

Fashion Revolution

On 24th April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution Day is a day to inspire change and reconnect with the broken links in the supply chain and to remember the Rana Plaza Victims. SASHA had a Fashion Show in the shop, on Saturday, 23rd April, where the clothes were worn by the real people behind the scenes, those who actually embroider, tailor and design them. Sasha staff and producer groups participated in this fashion show and did us all proud! 145 East, Earth Day Network and the Ladies Study Group were honoured guests.




Roopa Mehta, Sasha CEO represented the World Fair Trade Organization with President Rudi Dalvai at the Fair Trade Federation Biennial Conference at Burlington, USA.

In News

Sasha was featured in leading Bengali magazine "Sananda". It covered Sasha's Mural painting event with differently abled individuals from Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and FMR Larche' - Asha Niketan on 27th of February.


At The Stores

Sasha Shop in Kolkata offered Kolkatans the perfect way to beat the summer heat with its Summer Coolers - a range of clothing and accessories in cottons, Khadi, Mulmulls from different parts of the country. etc. Sasha also, participated in the SUMMER WEAVES exhibition in Nature Bazaar, Kisaan Haat, and Delhi.

Comming Soon - We are all set to mark the WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY this year on 14th May. Our Agents of Change have been nominated and we will share exciting stuff in our next edition.