February 2018

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February 2018

We rejoiced as the country celebrated our sixty ninth Republic Day, we remember when India's constitution came into force on January 26, 1950, completing the country's transition toward becoming an independent republic. Thank You to our constitution makers and the stalwarts who led us to become a proud secular, socialist republic.

Kantha @ Sasha Shop

If ever there was a true sorority in the world of ideas, it must have been in the field of quilt making. Women, all over the world, took up the responsibility of providing everybody with the warmth against the cold, harsh winter. True, over time, some men joined into foray, but their numbers were never very significant. Hence, Niaz Zaman, in her book, “The Art of Kantha Embroidery," stated that Kantha making is a "women's art".

Sasha showcased its new Kantha collection at the shop this month lovingly created by our talented women artisans. A part of the collection was designed by Laila Tyabji, leading designer and founder of Dastkar. These are limited edition available at the shop till the end of February. Our women artisans were delighted to be part of the inauguration and there was great excitement to see their creations on display. Swagata Ghosh, who had closely worked with the women on producing them, also, did a magnificient display along with the Shop team. The Shop looked resplendent with the exquisite Kantha and matching accessories on display.

Sasha @ Shine Conference 2018

Sasha CEO Mrs. Roopa Mehta was invited to the SHINE Conference, in Austin Texas, in this month. Mrs. Mehta shared facets of Sasha’s journey in promoting crafts and working closely with artisans. She shared several valuable nuggets in form of anecdotes of real experiences with women who were able to transform their lives with Sasha.

The conference had talks ranging from courage to dreaming to building to focusing to confidence to fair trade, they motivated and encouraged us to go out and build. The underlying theme: We need more courageous people than ever right now who are willing to imagine and do the hard work of building a flourishing world.

From The Field - a visit to Kiran Society

SSA has been working with SOIR-IM for last three years. The SSA team visited Kiran Society, one of the partner organizations under the project as part of monitoring and evaluation. This visit has clarified the further plans for the inputs required and effective project intervention. We hope to have a meaningful association with them in future.


It is with great pleasure we share that the RASA spice unit at Ushagram has successfully completed its annual HACCP surveillance audit for food safety. The audit outcome was satisfactory from all aspects and the documentation process has been highly appreciated by the auditor.

Organic Weekends @ Sasha Shop

Weekends have just become special at Sasha Shop! We have extended our offer to the conscious consumer. We are excited to offer pure, natural, pesticide – free, organic range of food products from across the country at Sasha Shop. Also, available throughout the year RASA gourmet spices too! Here’s featuring a variety of #honey from the Nilgiris, Millets, Cinnamon, Amla, whole Pepper, Barley flakes, Jaggery and much more!

Sasha @ Jaypore.Com

Sasha was delighted to be featured on this month- with its Woven Spell -crisp cotton sarees and stoles in a medley of hues!

Republic Day Offer @ Sasha Shop

On the eve of Republic Day, the Sasha Shop offered a special offer- 10% off on all products.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and information about Sasha!

"Spreading the embroidered quilt
she works the livelong night,
As if the quilt her poet were
of her bereaved plight.
Many a joy and many a sorrow
is written on its breast;
The story of Rupa's life is there,
Line by line expressed
(Nakshikathar Math or The Field of the Embroidered Quilt by Jasim Uddin)