sasha milestones

  • Begins in a small room in Shabbi's (Subhashini Kohli) new Alipore home in Kolkata, with four producer groups and three buyers.
    Pannalal Dasgupta invites Shabbi, takes up the responsibility of marketing the Amar Kutir products.
    Export orders start to grow.
    Sasha Shop opens in Calcutta.
    First Annual Producer Group Meeting held in Kolkata
    Exhibitions out of Calcutta.
    Sasha Textile Artisans Association comes into being.
    Restructuring of SSA. Sasha Association for Craft Producers (SACP) formed.
    Kantha revival project initiated.
    Kantha exhibitions at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and the Crafts Museum.
    1st External Evaluation of SSA/Sasha.
    COMMACT India Chapter initiated in Goa Conference
    Sasha helps set up Anwesha Tribal Arts & Crafts at Bhubaneshwar along with Dr. Sahoo.
    Kantha exhibition in Edinburgh
    Rasa is set up as a trust
    Tribal center in Phulbani
    Aari exhibition in Glasgow
    SSA sets up a Tribal Centre in Phulbani district Orissa.
    SASHA gets its own office; offers to share with Self Help Handicrafts Movecraft is born
    Sasha joins IFAT(International Federation for Alternative Trade) now WFTO(World Fair Trade Organization)
    Shabbi elected to IFAT Board & is on board till 2003
    Sasha launches its first website.
    Sasha promotes Fair Trade Forum, India with other leading FTOs
    Promotes Asia Fair Trade Forum, now WFTO Asia.
    Sasha celebrates 20 years with RASA and Fashion show; coming together of tribal jewellery artisans of Odisha, Jason Cherian (from Bangalore), Anshu (from Delhi) and Sonam (from Delhi).
    Organises exhibition in Brunico, Merano & Bolzano in Italy.
    25 years of Sasha
    SSA gets an institutionalised platform in EDF, a unit within SSA
    Sasha Crafts Services formed as an effort to bring together craft groups.
    Shabbi, founder of Sasha passes away.
    Award established for exemplary Producer Groups in memory of the late Shabbi
    SSA gets its first CEO
    Sasha Altromercato Joint Venture formed
    Social Development Fair in partnership with FTF-I in Kolkata
    Sasha starts ERP implementation
    1st Fair Trade Fair in Kolkata in association with FTF-I
    Partners with ISMW to Initiate Micro enterprise finance operations for the producer partners; National Alliance for Financial Literacy (NAFil)
    Launch of AARAMSE at Elle Décor show & ABHINAVA in Dubai
    Consumer research with AC Nielson ORG-MARG.
    SSA organises RTI workshop in Kolkata with COMMACT India
    First Financial Literacy Day celebrated in Kolkata with NAFiL members, ISMW & FWWB
    Brand Campaign for Sasha developed
    Launch of Araamse 2
    Sasha Altromercato merges with SACP
    Sasha celebrates 30 years with Eipaar Opar
    Sasha nominates Dipali Pramanik from Kolaghat Soci-economic Welfare Society for the Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards; Dipali wins the award in the category of best Micro-entrepreneur.
    Sasha partners with FK Norway
    Sasha starts its Newsletter
    Roopa Mehta nominated President of FTF, India
    Sasha partners with WIEGO
    1st Impact Assessment with Trade Aid
    SSA scales up with Fair Support
    Dilip Das of Shanti Handicrafts - one of our producer partners is nominated to the Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards
    Roopa Mehta elected on WFTO Board
    RASA launches new range of cooking spices and the Rasa Cook Book at Shisha Reincarnated created by the eminent chef, Shaun Kenworthy.
    2nd Impact Assessment with Trade Aid
    RASA new packaging & website launched
    Sasha Brand website launched
    Sasha makes a splash on Social media
    Invited to GALI E KHAAS - at the Nature Bazaar, New Delhi venue open all year.
    Sasha and Sonam Dubal's 'Sanskar' collaborate for the first Tsutra exhibition in New Delhi
    3rd Impact Assessment with Trade Aid
    Sasha becomes Guaranteed WFTO member
    Sasha gets a new website