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Sasha opened its first retail outlet in 1981, in the busy Mirza Ghalib Street off Park Street, Kolkata. The shop stocks a wonderful collection of home accessories, children's toys, decorative hangings and textiles, a unique collection of stoles, apparel and bags, the Rasa range of body care and gourmet spices, squashes and preservatives, jewellery and many more small and large artifacts all hand made and environment friendly. Sasha is a fair trade shop and also stocks products from other fair trade organizations.

Apart from fabulous product range, Sasha shop hosts events like talks and music concerts and exhibitions of different kind. World Trade Fair day is celebrated at the shop every year. And over the years the shop has become an important culture as well as shopping destination in the city.

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Poila Boisakh offers at Sasha!

March 2015

Sasha is pleased to offer 10 % discount to all women sporting a purple outfit visiting our shop on this day
Request all our friends to support us for the March and join us in Front gate of the Victoria Memorial (North Gate)
Dress Code:- Purple
March starts sharp by 7:30 am

February 2015

Sewing and Seaming

Date: February 2nd onwards

We showcased environmental friendly products like Table Mats & Runners, Mobile cases and bags in Khesh (cuts from Organic fabrics), old sarees & Biscuit Wrappers, old Magazine papers, Soft Toys & Hangings in Recycled Fabrics;Mixed Tops and Kaftans made of old stoles & Re-cycled Jackets; Patchwork Quilts, Bedcovers, Oven gloves; Khesh Stoles;Recreated Leather & Fabric bags, jewellery, products made of old and Re-cycled tyresand much more

We were given a good coverage in Ei-bela a section of ABP leading Bengali newspaper

Cherry Blossom- A life style exhibition at Forum Mall

Date: 13th and 14th February

We displayed organic garments by Upasana, select pieces of Dhokra figurines, shanti leather piggy banks, purses, assorted mix of colorful bags, madur collection, kantha and phulia stoles, printed table clothes and bed sheets

Health Fair at US Consulate

Date: 20th February

US consulate had organized a health camp for its consulate employees and their families and we were invited to participate with our organic and natural products.

We displayed our up cycled collection of bags, madur mats and runners, collection of photo frames, belts, doormats key rings made of old tyers, organic garments and recycled jackets and soft toys


Go Organic Garden Party organized by Earth Day Network India

Date: 28th February

Sasha once again was a part of the Organic Fair with our Rasa products, naturaldyed stoles and dupattas, up cycle collection of assorted bags, table mats and runners,products made of old and Re-cycled tyres, organic clothes, Mixed Tops and Kaftans made of old stoles and much more....

With the organic awareness spreading across the city we saw lot of turnout from new vendors to new customers who were eager to adapt to the change.
The event saw a lot of turnout, from the who's who of the city to support the organic cause.