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Handicraft heaven! A treasure trove of options

Modify products from the catalog or supply your own designs. We are flexible and can accommodate a wide range of requests and product types.

Our artisans will bring your ideas to life!

Look at the diverse range of handicraft options we have to offer:

Kalamkari Printing

Horn Craft

Blue Pottery


Bell Metal


Wood Craft

Wrought Iron

Stuffed Toy Making

Papier Maché

Natural Fiber Mats

Folk Instruments


Jute Wall Hangings


Cane And Bamboo

Candle Making



Design services we offer

Whether you are wanting gorgeous wooden tableware, stuffed toys or beautiful dhokra ornaments we have options for you. Our dedicated design and production management teams are focused on supporting you through the whole process, ensuring you receive a quality product at the end.

  • Design consulting for handicrafts, stuffed toys and homeware products

  • Prototyping and sample production

  • Merchandising - let us help with your product's packaging

  • Onsite workshops for product development

Using a pattern to mark out a piece of leather

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a sample product I would like to reproduce, can you do that?

If the product uses the craft skill sets of our artisans, most likely we can reproduce it. Contact us with your requirements.

How much do samples cost?

It depends on the design and the total deliverables required. Contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to develop samples?

Expect sample development to take 15-30 days depending on the design, quantity and availability of raw materials.

What is your production capacity?

Production capacity varies from craft to craft. Please contact us with your requirements.

How long will my order take to manufacture?

From the day your order is finalized and the advance received you can expect production to take approximately 45 days (ready to ship). Actual production time depends on the quantity and complexity of your order and will be confirmed at the time the order is finalized.

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Detail of handmade necklace by Sasha