Sasha hand woven scarves
Sasha hand woven scarves
Fair Trade Artisan

Manufacturers of authentic handmade garments and accessories from India

Sasha - Guaranteed Fair Trade by WFTO
Fair Trade Artisan

Authentic handcrafted products from India

Sasha - Guaranteed Fair Trade by WFTO
Fair Trade

Authentic handcrafted products from India

Sasha - Guaranteed Fair Trade by WFTO
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Traditional techniques. Contemporary designs

For more than 40 years Sasha has been bringing Indian artisans together to create stunning handicrafts and exquisite fashion items. Behind each beautiful product is a commitment to building a thriving artisan community with healthy working conditions, fair pay and concern for the environment.

Sasha product lines cover a wide range of crafts and processes. These include handcrafted apparel, home textiles, furniture, gifts, metal crafts, jewelry, pottery, decorative hangings, natural herbal body care and organic food products.


Artisan livelihoods supported


Producer Groups engaged


Craft lines available


Producers are women

We know you care how your products are made. So do we.

Block printing fabric at Brindaban Prints


You'll be proud to wear our products or place them in your home!


No mass production here. Each product is handmade and wonderfully unique.


Healthy products and workplaces are better for people and the environment.


Artisans are rewarded with fair pay for their work and no child-labor is used.

Who we work with

Stole created by Sasha

Established fashion brands

love us because we provide an exciting range of artisanal skill sets they can employ in their designs. The result? Unique handmade clothes and accessories that delight!

Bag created by Sasha

Ethical fashion startups

love us because we understand it can be tough getting started. We work with smaller production runs and our experienced design team provides support.

Brass dhokra sun medallion created by Sasha

Handicrafts & gift buyers

love us because we offer an extensive range of gorgeous, authentic, contemporary Indian handicrafts. Buy from the catalog or customize to your needs.

See what our clients say

Artisans du Monde logo

Buying from Sasha is a way of offering our customers exclusive products that have a beautiful story.


Handicraft buyer @ Solidar Monde (France)
GlobeIn logo

Working with Sasha Imports is very straight forward and professional, and they provide us proprietary designs that are exclusive to GlobeIn.


Director of Operations and Product Development @ GlobeIn (USA).
Noonday Collection logo

We have been excited to blend the traditional technique of Dhokra with current trends in the US Market.


@ Noonday Collection (USA)

Featured Products

The Sasha business model is built on the principles of equity, transparency, social justice and environmental concern.

Sasha (SACP) is a not-for-profit organization working with more than a hundred artisan and craft communities all over India. With the vision of promoting sustainable living among rural artisans and marginalized producers, Sasha has developed an alternative marketing platform. The goal; revival, development and promotion of crafts.

Vanessa - Handicrafts buyer at Artisans du Monde

I am lucky to be a fair trade handicraft purchaser because I personally share the fair trade values. I  strongly believe that good living conditions, through a healthy and respectful job, are possible for people all around the world.

Handicraft buyer @ Solidar Monde (France)

Supporting the artisans

Artisan Groups are assisted and encouraged to explore local markets and take part in government-sponsored and other exhibitions. They are provided holistic support to enter and thrive in international markets.

Reviving traditional designs, organizing workshops and exhibitions both in India and abroad has facilitated a more equal relationship between craftspeople and their customers while going a long way towards inspiring a sense of history and dignity.

Sasha follows fair trade practices and motivates craft producers to adopt fair trade best practices in all the different aspects of their businesses. Sasha is a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

We are members of the following organizations

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Sasha are members of WFTO Asia
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