Looking for handmade artisan manufacturing? Whether you're a startup or an established fashion brand, Sasha is a flexible one-stop-shop for your design and production needs!

Sasha brings all your needs for handmade fashion and accessory production into one place. With an extensive network of over 100 artisan producers, we offer an integrated, end-to-end, ethical supply chain for fashion designers.

Flexible options allow you to customize everything from yarn dying and fabric weaving right through to the design and packaging of the finished product.

An extensive range of artisan services for all your needs

Custom dyeing

Safe, eco-friendly vegetable and chemical dye options (AZO free) for yarn and fabric. Choose the colors you want!


Silk-screen, wood-block, batik, kalamkari and brush printing options. We offer so many creative ways to adorn your products.


Kantha, aari and classic embroidery techniques. Whether you need traditional or contemporary options, we've got you covered.


Products made from upcycled fabrics like jeans or saris. An eco-friendly way to infuse your designs with a touch of India.

Garment Making

Quality, hand-tailored garments and accessories are at the heart of what we do. We'll bring your boutique fashion line to life.

Handloomed fabric

Wool, silk, cotton, organic cotton and mixed yarn options all made to order. Explore the possibilities with our talented weavers.

Handmade accessories

Ceramic, glass, brass, bronze, wood and more... Create unique accents like buttons and beads - the perfect finishing touch.


Vegetable-dyed, hand-embossed goat leather. Great for bags, handles, straps and decorative elements that are durable and add a touch of class.

Design services we offer

The broad set of production skills is backed up by dedicated design and production management teams. They are focused on supporting you through the whole process.

  • One-stop shop for handmade fashion items

  • Design consulting for garments, footwear and accessories

  • Pattern-making and grading

  • Prototyping and sample production

  • Tech pack creation

  • Fabric sourcing (or you can supply your own)

  • Merchandising - let us help with your product's packaging

  • Onsite workshop for product development

Need your garments and accessories to meet a particular international standard? No problem! We'll get the compliance testing done for you.

Cutting fabric at Kolkaghat SEWS

Getting started

Depending on your needs, we can work from a rough design sketch, sample product or a fully developed tech pack. Our design team would love to collaborate with you on your next product range! We'll manage the process from idea to finished product and make sure it's delivered to your door.

What we need from you

  • Photos, design sketches with dimensions, patterns or a physical sample of the product you want us to make.

  • Tech pack (if available). Don't know what this is? Download a sample tech pack.

  • Indication of the types of fabric you would like to use.

  • A target price point can be helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide for you to manufacture my garments?

Design, sizes, fabric details/counts etc. Either design or sketches with patterns if possible. Essentially, as much information as you can provide to describe the product(s) you want.

How much do samples cost?

It depends on the design and the total deliverables required. Please contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to develop samples?

Expect sample development to take 15-30 days depending on designs, quantities and availability of raw materials.

What are your payment terms for sampling?

First-time customers must pay 100% advance for samples. Repeat customers pay a 50% advance before sample processing and balance before the samples are dispatched.

What is your production capacity?

We specialize in smaller, limited-run orders up to around 1000 garments or weaving up to around 1000 meters fabric. Have a bigger order? Contact us to see what is possible.

Do you offer organic cotton fabric options?

Yes, we do offer organic cotton fabric options including GOTS certified fabric.

Can you weave fabric to my specifications?

Yes we can. Send us the desired fabric specifications and we'll weave it for you.

How long will my order take to manufacture? (domestic)

From the day your order is finalized and the advance received you can expect production to take approximately 45 days (ready to ship). Actual production time depends on the quantity and complexity of your order and will be confirmed at the time the order is finalized.

How long will my order take to manufacture? (export)

From the day your order is finalized and the advance received you can expect production to take approximately 60 days (ready to ship). Actual production time depends on the quantity and complexity of your order and will be confirmed at the time the order is finalized.

I have a sample product I would like to reproduce, can you do that?

We have a very broad skill base for garments, textiles and crafts and are capable of producing a wide range of products. Send us a picture of your product and we'll let you know if we can make it. If your sample resembles products found in our catalog, we can almost certainly reproduce it. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Will my designs be safe with Sasha?

Yes, your designs are safe with us. We absolutely respect your ownership of your unique designs - they will never be shared with anyone else without your explicit permission. We have worked with international designers like Carla Peters, Helen Lockie, John Ballyn and Simona Stoppa as well as Indian designers like Sonam Dubal, Anchu Arora, Jason Cheran and Swati Kalsi to name a few.

Why are there imperfections in my product?

Unlike machine-made products which can be near-perfect clones of each other, no two handmade products will ever be identical. There will always be small imperfections in the finished product - this uniqueness is part of the character and charm of handmade items. 

Can you work from digital design files?

Please submit all digital files in PDF or jpeg format. We do not have the facilities to work with CAD files.

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Jacket pocket detail from garment by Sasha