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July 2015 News

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A strong message was sent out to our producer groups on World Fair Trade Day. Empowering our communities and becoming leaders in sustainability is the driving force behind our work. To achieve this goal our Agents of Change have motivated and inspired the people around them and enabled others to join in.

Fair Trade Week

SASHA fair trade week milan july 2015

Fair Trade Week was held in Milan from May 23rd to 31st of May. A biennial event that is held during the odd years the participating Fair Trade Organizations are the leaders in product excellence and quality. According to the mayor of Milan – proud host of the 2015 Fair Trade Week – “Fair Trade represents a real economic revolution.”

On a day of conferences, speeches and power points, a presentation on the use of WFTO FT Label was made by Ms. Roopa Mehta, CEO, SASHA. Promoting the organization and the products with the Fair Trade Label was at the core of the topic.

SASHA fair trade week milan July 2015 member

We share some pictures taken during the WFTO conference, International Fair Trade Expo and Fashion Show.

Sasha participated in the Fair Trade Symposium held during the Milano Fair Trade Week 2015!

Green Gali! Grow Green !! Green Living!! GREEN Kitchen!!

SASHA Gali e khaas July 2015The month of June was celebrated as the ENVIRONMENT MONTH!! Dastkar, Delhi called upon all participants to match their practice, products and interests with any of the above mentioned themes on GREEN! The products showcased where high in quality and have a low impact on the environment because they are biodegradable.

World Yoga Day

SASHA yoga july 2015World Yoga Day on June 21st was a crowd puller with avid health enthusiasts checking in for a rejuvenating session of the body and mind.

Keeping the momentum going for the environmental month SASHA SHOP took the lead and presented an exhibition (21st to 30th June) on natural fibre products. “Living well within planetary boundaries” and “consume with care” -this is the message that SASHA spreads by promoting products that are pesticide and herbicide free.

It always feels good to hear from our fans. Keep the love coming! Ardent lovers of SASHA ….

SASHA fans july 2015
Son and mother posing for a snap!!

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