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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.” – Herophilus

Go Green! Eco-friendly fortnight at Sasha Shop

SASHA Go eco-friendly fortnight July 2016

June ushers in the rains but it has been an unusually dry spell with us here. To spice things up for the monsoon, Sasha store had lined up a series of interesting events. Sasha store presented Eco-Friendly Fortnight starting from 18th of June to 2nd of July. The merchandise had a strong accent on biodegradable, eco-friendly, and stylish natural fibre accessories- madur mats, maslands, shitaplati Bags & folders- from West Bengal, cane & bamboo baskets from Tripura, coir and jute coasters and boxes from Odisha. The focus was also on sustainable and conscious food- organic spice mixes & blends pure Ghee & Sundarban Honey, pesticide-free & non GMO grains, spices & nuts, cold-pressed oils. Dried herbs, luscious spreads & chutneys, healthy candies from Kilmora, Kumaon. Tea, coffee and jams, also featured in the shop. A vibrant range of basketry, furniture, trays, laundry baskets, lamp shades, floor coverings, curtains, beach mats, bags were on display at the store. Emphasizing on well-being, handmade skin & hair care products from RASA and NEEV were also showcased.

Go healthy! Cooking demo at the Café, Sasha Shop

A cooking demo in the shop on healthy baking by Anjee Bhatia from Melete was organized at the Sasha Shop. Anjee demonstrated healthy whole wheat chocolate cake using organic ingredients and granola cookies using oatmeal and nuts.

This was followed by another cooking demo on Organic khichdi and chutneys- making Rajma Khichdi, Ridge Gourd Peel Chutney, Fresh green Mango Chutney, Onion pachchadi and Tomato Thokku in the shop by Nikhita from Khichdi Khichri. A small introduction to organic food and food products was provided by the Chef Nikhita Patel. She demonstrated the audience the entire process of. Along with she also explained the nutrient value of each product. All the ingredients used were organic and fresh from rice, dal, pulses, and vegetables to the spices. The audience present loved the khichdi and their chutneys were amazing to taste, especially the Ridge gourd peel chutney.

Enterprise Orientation at IICP

SASHA Enterprise IICP July 2016

As per the requirement of the differently abled trainees and their parents, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy approached Sarba Shanti Ayog to conduct a workshop on “Enterprise Orientation” and ‘Business Skill Development’. The participants were given a clear idea about the formation of a small business group, basic business skills and different avenues of marketing. The parents of the differently abled young adults like to start businesses with the crafts which their children are learning in the vocational training unit of IICP. The workshop was over with the POAs for the next workshop in July 2016. The participants are very much interested to form a small business group along with their children (differently abled young adults).

First Aid training for Team Sasha

In June, a training programme on occupational First Aid was organized at SASHA. Total 24 participants from different departments of SASHA & SSA were present to get the basic knowledge on First Aid. The training was facilitated by Mr. Amitava Bose, secretary of St. Johns ambulance, an expert in this type of training.


World Fair Trade Day is not over yet! Sasha, so happy to be a part of so many Agent for Change! Video courtesy: World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

SASHA thanapara swallows July 2016

Visitors from Thanapara Swallows, a Guaranteed Fair Trade member from Bangladesh visited Sasha for an exposure visit to the silk printing unit. The group visited the printing group.

Sarba Shanti Ayog had a rather busy month in June with four young interns from Viswabharati University & Rajiv Gandhi University.

Sasha also participated in an exhibition at Standard chartered bank, Dalhousie branch on the occasion of World Environment Day and got a fair response.

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